Can your supplier help out quickly when you’ve run out?

Protective Packaging is routinely the last thing thought about when producing goods. However as the last part in the process, if you suddenly find you have no packaging materials you can't send out your orders.

At least once a day we receive a phone call to say "we've just used the last one - HELP"

To allow us to help out in such emergencies and also to offer great leadtimes we have dedicated approximately 40% of our floor space to hold raw materials. Our stock hold includes several different polyurethane materials, every different grade of polystyrene and a minimum of three different density's, three different colours and over 10 different thickness of polyethylene foams. Not to mention a minimum of 3 different grades of corrugated board.

If you struggle with last minute requirements, please give us a call and we will do our best to offer the turnaround required.

We love a challenge - put us to the test.