More than 30 years working together, so how do we maintain such a long term relationship?

Despite working with one of our customers for over 30 years we are still constantly trying to improve our part in their process. The nature of the customers product is essentially still the same as it was 30 years ago, but with tweaks/changes as their products develop. The product uses Polystyrene to provide Insulation inside the Vehicles that they manufacture.

We had been guided by our customer for many years, taking our lead from them, after all they know their product better than we ever could. All was running very smoothly, until one day our delivery driver was chatting to their goods in, and he identified a problem.

The customers product requires a complex set of 99 pieces of polystyrene across 29 different shapes and sizes. When he looked around their production space and their stores, there were just too many packs of polystyrene, and it was very complex for their team to unpack, sort, store and most importantly use.

Our driver came back and suggested we may be able to improve our service to them and explained that he had noticed the struggles they were having in using the product. Our various departments came together to see how we could help. The complex needs of the product really did mean we couldn't streamline the design. To fit the vehicle perfectly we couldn't change the size or quantity of pieces required.

So we offered a very simple solution to them - to pack 1 full set of all 99 pieces in 1 pack. Let's be totally honest, our team felt that to be a pretty daunting task, but for our customer one neat parcel would transform their production process.

So now when their team receive the delivery, they have every piece immediately to hand. This hugely sped up their process, avoided breakages and took up a fraction of the space they had previously needed. The video shows what a huge amount of space is needed to compile one set and what a complex set it really is. Especially when compared to the picture of the finished set, neatly packaged and easy for our customer to use.