New Nomafoam Design Service

At Advanced Protective Packaging we have always been very proud to offer a bespoke design/manufacturing service. So Nomafoam goes alittle against the grain but it really is such a fantastic product we couldn't help but get involved. So in Advanced style, we have worked with Nomafoam's manufacturers to offer a bespoke design service working with the full Nomafoam range.

We are delighted to say we now stock at least 14 seperate Nomafoam products, sold as manufactured or worked on by us to fit your unique product, with more lines being added all the time.

Nomafoam offers a range of corners that have a standard outside leg of 100mm. As with all standard products a one size fits all approach isn't always the best solution, so we manufacture these corners to fit your unidue product. This offers the best design/protection and offers the most cost effective solution

Please get in contact if you want to see how we can help solve your packaging problem, using this fantastic product to design something as unique as your products.