What do you know about Nomafoam?

We've had a little Poll with our customers to see (when put on the spot) what they could tell us about Nomafoam - what did it mean to them?

The results weren't overly surprising, however to the customer the size of range, and different ways it was used was very surprising.

The most common product is the U profile, maybe the L Profile, followed by  . . . ????

Did you know the range offers Pads (self adhesive available) that are great to dot around the delicate areas of products? Or they offer Windscreen protection? Shapped perfectly to grip onto that very fine edge, and available with reinforcement so any sharp edges don't simply pierce the foam.

Then of course there is the very widely used Climaflex - pipe protection, as winter draws nearer are you confident you are well enough insulated??

The range is extensive and the uses are endless. If an off the shelf solution is something that appeals, get in touch. For many of our customers we take the standard product and tailor it to their needs. Have a look at the link at the bottom of our Nomafoam page - named Download pdf - and look at the full range for yourself.

Pick up the phone or ping us an email if you want to have a chat further.