Boxes and Cartons

Advanced offer a full range of corrugated boxes, cartons and other products in all FEFCO styles, plain or printed and made to fit your products. We do not carry standard sized boxes or recycled boxes. Depending on your needs we can supply in different weights and thickness of board.

Because we are a manufacturer you will get the benefits of keen pricing, no middleman adding on a percentage, and quicker and easier communication because you are dealing direct. We also supply tape which can be customised with your name, logo or message.

Of course, we can supply just cartons,where we are particularly competitive for small and medium quantities, and we also make corrugated boxes that are designed to work as a unit with the fittings we supply, ensuring that an optimum design is produced – neither under or over specified, giving you best value for money.

Why is this important ? When assessing your packaging requirements you need to consider many factors. If you use separate suppliers for carton and fitments each will try to give you a good product not knowing what the other is designing. This could result, for example, in both the box and fitting giving maximum protection when, if designed together, you might be able to able to trade off some part of each or either part's protection, giving adequate all round protection at a lower cost. At the other extreme both could be under-specified resulting in lower cost but higher damages and unhappy customers.

We do not carry standard sized boxes or recycled boxes because they do not best fulfil our customer's needs.

FEFCO is an international organisation that recognises hundreds of carton and box styles. The standard has a drawing showing how it is measured and how those measurements are represented in a description that all corrugated manufacturers recognise. This prevents accidentally confusing, for example, width and height when giving dimensions. Click to download the full FEFCO catalogue or to see the most popular styles see our Box Gallery.

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The complete service

We supply boxes and cartons as well as fitment so we can match carton strength to fitments to provide best value for money. Buying from one source means that your packaging design process is simplified and quick. When ordering you are only dealing with one supplier meaning one set of paperwork and avoiding unbalanced stock levels. We can also supply other packaging products such as tape and bubblewrap, offering a complete solution. If we cannot offer a product ourselves we freely offer our experience of packaging to help you find a supplier.

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