Packaging Solutions

In businesss, time is money. Using advanced reduces time taken in specifying and ordering products.


If necessary, our designer will come to see you and your product so as to accurately assess your needs. We usually provide, a free sample at design stage. Because you are dealing with only one supplier both the outer and inner package are designed as a whole and arrive with oyu together. Any problems, nd it's only one supplier your dealing with.

Talking directly to the manufacturer instead of to a merchant cuts out the risk of misunderstandings. Because of our experience and expertise we can often offer a better solution than a merchant may suggest, so giving you either a cheaper, easier, lighter, or stronger solution. Of course, you can expect a lower cost without the middle margin.


With one supplier you place one order, receive one delivery, and one invoice, reducing time and paperwork. It is easier to organise deliveries with only one company to contact. For example, you may wish to bring forward or delay deliveries, or change quantities. There's also less chance of stock going missing as double handling via a merchant is avoided.