Nomafoam is a resilient polyeythylene cushioning foam with a range of densities and shapes that will cover many requirements. Because they are extruded directly to shape there is little waste involved in the manufacturing process and so can be a very cost efficient protective packaging solution.

We have a catalogue available with details of the full range.

Nomafoam and Nomapack comprise a range of standard polyethylene foam profiles, sometimes simply just referred to as "blue foam", for protective packaging applications, using an extrusion process and are produced by a Belgium company, NMC.

Their products are only sold through approved distributors and converters. Because of our specialised equipment we can take the standard products and covert them to customer's paticular needs such a corners.The profiles can be used as manufactured or we can cut, fabricate or shape to customer requirements. We are proud that our reputation and standards have led to us having NMC as a customer for these non standard adaptations.

If necessary we work with NMC to design and specify bespoke extrusions to meet special customer needs. The standard colour is blue but for large usages the customer can specify their own colour.

The complete service

We supply boxes and cartons as well as the nomafoam fitments. So we can match carton strength to fitments to provide best value for money. Buying from one source means that your packaging design process is simplified and quick. When ordering you are only dealing with one supplier meaning one set of paperwork and avoiding unbalanced stock levels. We can also supply other packaging products such as tape and bubblewrap, offering a complete solution. If we cannot offer a product ourselves we freely offer our experience of packaging to help you find a supplier.

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