Most people are familiar with polyurethane because of its furniture and bedding applications. However its also useful as a packaging medium for lighter weight products or for containing multiple products.

It can be used as simple blocks or shaped by cutting and pressing. It is particularly useful as “egg box” foam where it can be utilised for multi-purpose packaging. It’s numerous peaks and troughs will hold different shaped or sized products.

Polyurethane packaging is lightweight, flexible, resilient and suitable for fragile and delicate products. Useful for multidrop requirements and dust free applications. It is available in a variety of colours and densities for different uses.

Industries that find this particularly relevant are electronics, jewellery, ceramics, medical, computers and parts distribution. A particular use of this is in case inserts where recesses hold components.

The complete service

We supply boxes and cartons as well as the polyurethane fitments. So we can match carton strength to fitments to provide best value for money. Buying from one source means that your packaging design process is simplified and quick. When ordering you are only dealing with one supplier meaning one set of paperwork and avoiding unbalanced stock levels. We can also supply other packaging products such as tape and bubblewrap, offering a complete solution. If we cannot offer a product ourselves we freely offer our experience of packaging to help you find a supplier.

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