Plastazote and Zotefoam are commonly used in packaging where the superb spectrum of colours and a smooth finish is as important as its cushioning and protective properties. Along with its high resistance to wear and tear, this is an ideal material for multi use packaging.

It is recognised and used in conservertion for many applications such as drawer lining for coins and medals, display supports, shipping works of art and protecting in archival storage. This high density closed cell foam can be cut cleanly to most shapes. Being inert and acid free, plastazote is also ideal for packing archival boxes to fit the object such as rare books and other valuable items that are subject to potential damage. Different colours can be used for different layers which can be helpful to make missing components immediately apparent in tool control systems.

Plastazote is often used in combination with other retail packaging. Their lightweight, tough, flexible and resilient charcteristics make them ideal for luxury packaging. The superb finishes provide distinction for those special presentation packaging projects which provide superior impact protection.

The complete service

We supply boxes and cartons as well as the Plastazote fitments. So we can match carton strength to fitments to provide best value for money. Buying from one source means that your packaging design process is simplified and quick. When ordering you are only dealing with one supplier meaning one set of paperwork and avoiding unbalanced stock levels. We can also supply other packaging products such as tape and bubblewrap, offering a complete solution. If we cannot offer a product ourselves we freely offer our experience of packaging to help you find a supplier.

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